This gives you Longboard stability, floatation and ease of paddling. It is also the right equipment for traditional Longboard style surfing - you can walk it, perch yourself on the nose, and experience the glide - but it is shorter and incorporates Shortboard technology that allows for the more contemporary style of high performance Longboarding - floaters, re-entries, snap-backs. Do with it what you want. It is great for getting the maximum amount of fun out of small days, while allowing you to push the limits of Longboard riding in large waves as well.

It is an ideal board for beginners, as well as for those who want to experience the glide without abandoning altogether the contemporary high-energy Shortboard style.

Recommended range of basic specs:
Length - 7' - 8'6"
Width - 20" - 23"
Thickness - 2" - 3"
Nose Shape - platypus, round, tugboat, retro round
Tail Shape - full range
Bottom - full range
Rocker - low - moderate


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