While the Nomad looks a lot like a Retro Cruiser - and it has similar characteristics, like easy paddling and good all round performance - this board is designed specifically as a traveller. It will perform well in the widest range of conditions, from sloppy 2 foot mush to 10 foot barrels - the Nomad will not let you down. It has a wide tail and plenty of surface area to keep up momentum in small and mushy waves with high performance concaves and a kick in the tail that deliver quite awesome speed. The rails are chined which makes them very forgiving; instilling confidence in less than perfect conditions or in unfamiliar surf.

The board shown here is made from Carbon Fibre and Epoxy resin. Although this is more expensive it gives the board much more strength while keeping it very light weight. The reason for using this combination is that snapping your board is the worst thing that can happen to it on any surf trip. You can always fix a ding, but once you've snapped a board that's usually the end of it. Of course we still do the board in the full range of fibreglass combinations if you prefer.

The design and the materials used in the Nomad give you the best chance possible of having fun wherever you find yourself. If you're one of those people that likes to take off exploring new surf spots and never quite know what conditions you're going to come up against, this is the board for you. The Nomad is a great choice for anyone hitting the road that doesn't want to be lugging around a quiver of boards. Stick this one under your arm and go forth!

Recommended range of basic specs:
Length - 6'8" - 7'6"
Width - 20" - 21"
Thickness - 2 1/4" - 2 3/4"
Nose Shape - retro round
Tail Shape - round, rounded square
Bottom - single to double concave
Rocker - low - moderate


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