This board has roughly the same characteristics as the Cruiser; a good level of performance combined with easy paddling and good floatation. While it's not designed for high performance acrobatics, this board will deliver impressive performance in small to large waves.

Depending on the size, it is ideal for beginners of any age and weight, or a great all-rounder for surfers into longer lines and graceful manoeuvres.

While it is just a bit closer to a Longboard style than the Cruiser, it is still capable of cutting loose when duty calls; a fun board in all conditions.

Recommended range of basic specs:
Length - 6'8" - 7'6"
Width - 19" - 21"
Thickness - 2 1/4" - 2 3/4"
Nose Shape - retro round
Tail Shape - full range
Bottom - full range
Rocker - low - moderate


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