This board provides the complete retro Longboard experience. It is a replica of a state-of-the-art board from the era, including 50/50 rail profile, single fin, and yes - weight (approximately 30 pounds)! Needless to say, they are designed for the old school style of surfing, and they do it brilliantly.

The rails are very forgiving and the board's profile provides for maximum planing - the essence of the glide. While the weight makes the board harder to manoeuvre it adds to its momentum, enabling it to cruise through flat spots without losing speed. The extra weight comes from extra fibreglass, and so you also get a very strong board that should last a lifetime.

They look great in wood veneer; we've even had someone buy one just to mount on his wall! They can be made from volene glass (the original greenish colour) if requested.

Definitely not for the beginner; these boards are retro escape machines for the hardcore Longboard enthusiast.

Recommended range of basic specs:
Length - 9' - 10'
Width - 22" - 24"
Thickness - 2 3/4" - 3 1/4"
Nose Shape - platypus, round, tugboats
Tail Shape - all but swallow and fish
Bottom - flat or rolled (traditional), with concave in nose
Rocker - low


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