Twin Fin

This board is high performance fun. It is really fast and loose with plenty of area and boyancy to get you into waves quick and easy - even relly small ones. Twin fins don't have the same feeling of positive control in turns that a tri fin or even a fish does, but this board more than makes up for that with incredible drive and speed - you arrive at the top of a turn before you even know you've left! You can ride one of these in any surf up to double overhead - or bigger if you really get used to the twin fin style; just look at what Mark Richards used to do at Sunset!

Like the Fish, it is a slightly wider board with a fuller nose to provide buoyancy in smaller mushy surf, combined with a low rocker and a concave through the middle to provide maximum speed and planing ability.

This design brings the latest technology to a style of surfing that hasn't been popular for awhile. If you're looking for a fun board with high performance potential you really ought to give one of these a go. They are a bit flighty for beginners but you could order one with a small trailer fin to calm it down and give it a more positive feel.

Recommended range of specs:
Length - 5'6" - 6'3"
Width - 19 1/4" - 21 1/2"
Thickness - 2 1/4" - 2 3/4"
Nose Shape - fish, retro round
Tail Shape - swallow, fish
Bottom - single concave in the middle and/or V in the tail
Rocker - Light

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