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Going To Surf


This board puts fun and performance into small, even shitty waves. But it will also give you unbelievable performance in solid overhead surf.


It is a slightly wider board with a fuller nose to provide buoyancy, combined with a light rocker to provide maximum planing speed in small waves. It is also shorter with an outline that maximizes manoeuvrability.

This can be further enhanced by the three fin setup, with a middle fin smaller than the two standard twin side fins. This gives twin fin looseness with added stability and drive. Think about your local conditions; how often could you use a board like this?


Recommended range

Length - 5'4" - 6'4"

Width - 20" - 21 1/2"

Thickness - 2" - 2 1/2"

Nose Shape - Fish

Tail Shape - Swallow, fish

Bottom - V middle to tail with concaves either side of V

Rocker - Light

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