This board is high performance fun

Really fast and loose with a little extra

area and buoyancy to get you into waves quick and easy - even really small ones. A go to board

Get up and go fun

This is a supper fun board, instant speed and manoeuvrability. It can be either a twin fin or for more drive as a four fin. Great for the small days and ridable in waves as big as your game to tackle.

One of our most requested boards

Fast & Responsive

This is your everyday performance board. Very responsive with quick rail to rail transition. Great for open face carving as well as tight pocket turns.


Mid legnth

   Mid length boards have gained a large following recent in years. With there sweet flowing lines and modern bottom shapes .

  These boards are very capable in a wide range of surf from waist high through to well over head.


  Set up as a twin fin (with or without channels) or as a single fin with the option of side bite fins.


A real all rounder for surfers of all abilities