Knowledge, Experience, Passion & a Conviction to help you Experience your Best

This is where the magic happens. Drawing on over 40 years experience to blend curves and contours. 

Stranger surfboards are not made on mass, every board is given the attention and time it deserves. Resulting in a unique custom board focused on the way you want to surf.

The Custom Process

First we look at your height, weight and ability.

( Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced)


Next, what you are riding & your likes 

& dislikes with  those boards.

From there the waves you want to surf this board board in .


At this stage I may be able to make some suggestions on what style I think would be best.

If you already know what after we work on that !

Now we have the basics I'll run through some options & functions, such as bottom contours & fin arrangements.

I'll make contact once your board is shaped & if possible get you back in to check the shape & run through other details such as colour, & glassing.

I will contact you when your board is finished & ready to pick up.